Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Instructor Benefits

A Complete Courseware Solution

The doctor of nursing Practice suite of online courses represents a complete curriculum solution. Each course has been aligned to the aacn’s essentials of doctoral education for advanced Practice in nursing, accompanied by Jones & Bartlett Learning texts and features course materials that can be customized.

Robust Instructor Resources

Instructors can get up and running fast with easily adaptable instructor resources such as:

  • Customizable Syllabus
  • Instructor Resource Guide
  • Learning Objectives
  • End of Course Assessment
  • Assessment Suggested Responses


The Doctor of Nursing Practice Online Courses & Curriculum suite can be used on ground, online, or in a hybrid learning environment. Course flexibility provides a great opportunity to increase enrollments by offering an online alternative.

Course Management Tools

Course management tools are available if you need them. Each course is built on the Moodle Learning Management system and features reporting, grading, and quiz & assignment deployment capabilities. Blackboard cartridges are also readily available for each course.


Student Benefits

Self-Paced Learning

Interactive lectures offer students guided progression throughout the course by lesson, featuring practice activities and case studies to enhance the student learning experience.

Instructionally Designed

Each course has been instructionally designed to optimize the online learning experience and impact a positive student outcome. This clean, intuitive design increases student learning and outcomes.

Anytime, Anywhere Access to Course Content

Students benefit from on demand access to course content and can access the course and materials 24/7 from computers and mobile devices.

Supplemental Content

Each lesson features supplemental content not found in the text. Suggested readings, journal articles, and web links are found within each lesson to reinforce key concepts.

Discussion Forums

Staying connected and sharing the learning experience is easy with discussion forums built into each course. No matter what the environment, students can share information, collaborate on projects, and find answers.